Welcome to the Whole Islands Network!

Welcome to the latest version of this County-wide online resource, which we created with the goal of strengthening people’s ability to learn about individuals and organizations that can help respond to a wide range of interests and needs. We hope that it serves as an effective catalog. Further, we invite people to use it as a means of locating and developing relationships with others who share their interests, whether professional or personal.
Several years ago, the Orcas Island Library developed the Whole Islands Catalog, which included over 250 listings. Now, with the Whole Islands Network, we seek to broaden participation to include all of San Juan County. The Lopez Island Library and San Juan Island Library plan to take part in promoting and supporting this resource. We also invite other organizations to join us, whether governmental, private nonprofits, or others. This network can become a crucial means of tying together our far-flung islands. We will incorporate a variety of features, including social networking tools, website listings, images, and lists of important County resources, so that it takes on a multi-faceted character.
Please take a look at the features of the WIN and create an entry sharing your own resources and interests with your fellow community members. Also, share with us your feedback about how we can make it better.
This is a resource that depends on active participation to reach its full potential. Thanks for joining us!
Phil Heikkinen
Orcas Island Library

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The Whole Island Network is not responsible for the actions or opinions of any of the resources listed on this website.